Nylon bags: always practical and versatile

Mini backpacks or fold-up bags with pouch

Nylon is a strong and highly malleable material and can therefore be processed into designs that are not possible in other materials. Think of the lightweight mini backpacks your customers can reuse quickly to carry small things. You can also order the nylon bags together with their pouch for easy storage. The pouch fits into a handbag. This makes sure your customers always have your carrier bag handy, wherever they go.

Your logo on your nylon bags

The nylon bags are made to order. This means that you choose the size and model that suit you. Nylon is both lightweight and strong, which makes it a great material for going on trips. It is also perfectly suited for printing with your logo. A way to give your business more visibility with no added effort.

Would you like to know more about the options offered by nylon bags? If you do, feel free to contact us.