Foil bags

Strong material, sharp price

Foil carrier bags are no-fuss durable bags. They are available with a bottom fold, or with a full block bottom. The combination of strong polyethylene and low price make these bags a good choice for all your corporate events or trade shows. You can order these semi-transparent bags directly from our stock in a variety of sizes.


Personalized printed foil carrier bags

The excellent value for money is not the only reason for the popularity of these foil carrier bags. The customized production also is a great advantage. All kinds of sizes and finishes are possible for these bags. Have your logo printed on your foil carrier bags to give your business even more visibility. Feel free to request a quote without obligation.

Urgently need printed plastic bags?

Your stock is depleted and you urgently need new printed foil carrier bags? If you do, feel free to contact us. Your bags bearing your logo will be delivered to your door within two weeks.