Paper carrier bags bearing your logo

You will always find paper bags with twisted rope handles in our stock. You can get your logo easily and quickly printed on them at very competitive prices.

Eco-friendly paper bags

You can also order the unprinted paper bags in different sizes. They are always made from white or brown kraft paper, a type of paper that is not only strong, but also elegant and recyclable. By using recycled paper, these bags are both environmentally and budget friendly. Definitely a bonus!

Your logo in the spotlight

You can easily transform a neutral paper bag into an original carrier bag with a printed message.

Your logo is printed on the paper carrier bags in Belgium. This makes sure you get a fast delivery within the agreed timeframe. If you’d like to emphasize your brand even more, check out also our customized luxury paper carrier bags.

Looking for more information on the different materials? Or would you like to know how much printing your logo on the paper carrier bags will cost you? If you do, feel free to contact us.